3D printed mirror covers

Technology: HP Jet Fusion
Device: HP Jet Fusion 4200
Material: PA 12

A representative from LEO EXPRESS transportation company brought the original components, which we reverse engineered by scanning with an Artec Spider device, followed by editing the scanned data and printing of several prototypes for testing. After approval by the client, we printed a series of final products. Both products were originally created on a FORTUS 360mc FDM printer and were made of innovative ASA material. The rotors were printed from nylon. However, we later received feedback from the client that FDM technology does not possess the necessary mechanical resistance properties and some components cracked. We, therefore, replaced FDM technology with HP JET FUSION 3D printing, which exhibits high mechanical and chemical resistance and the result was a significant improvement in quality.

The photos show the affixed rear-view mirror cover.

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