Hyperloop from a 3D printer

Delft University of Technology
Technology: Voxeljet
Device: VX1000
Material: PMMA

The Münch 4 TTS (also known as the Münch Mammut) is a legend among motorcyclists and a true cult. Among enthusiasts, it is one of the most sought-after motorcycles. However, the company only produced around 500 bikes of this model over the course of a decade, and finding a working one is a real problem these days.

Markus Pohl from Straubing, Germany, decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and build his own Münch Mammut. Despite the fact that it was a very ambitious project, he managed to realize it successfully. Using 3D printing technology from Voxeljet, a metalworker from Straubing, Germany, created a brand-new model of the bike from parts printed on a 3D printer!

He first disassembled the original motorcycle and digitized the whole thing step by step using 3D scanning technology. The generated datasets were further processed on the computer to create the corresponding molds. It was necessary to create really high-quality parts that would exactly match their original. Voxeljet's 3D technology made this possible.

As Markus Pohl himself says: "The great advantage of 3D printing is that you can produce sand molds quickly and without tools. This meant that I had the molds ready for casting within a few days and didn't have to wait another six to eight weeks." Markus Pohl managed to assemble the entire bike in just one year thanks to his collaboration with Voxeljet and the use of 3D printing technology!

Source: www.voxeljet.com

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