Welcome to the world of 3Dees Industries, where innovation in 3D printing and scanning is not just our passion, but our mission. Since our inception, we have focused on additive technologies and their ability to transform traditional manufacturing processes. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine, we lead this industrial innovation, with the practical application of these technologies being the key to our success.

In our representations in Prague and Brno and our application center for additive manufacturing in Ostrava, we demonstrate how businesses can effectively use advanced 3D printing technologies for their development. In Slovakia, we operate at the Technical University of Košice, which allows us to connect the academic sphere with real industrial needs. We are also supporting technological development in Ukraine, where we have a subsidiary in Kyiv.

Our motivation stems from a deep interest in the potential of additive technologies. Not only do we provide innovative solutions and services, but we also dedicate ourselves to educating the professional public about the opportunities these technologies offer. We observe how 3D printing is becoming the foundation of modern industry, bringing greater flexibility and speed to Czech and international companies in launching new products to the market.

Join us in exploring new horizons in the industry, where innovation, efficiency, and practical application go hand in hand. Welcome to the future of manufacturing with 3Dees Industries.

the most successful partners
of Hewlett Packard in the field of 3D printing

In 2021, we were ranked as the most successful Hewlett Packard 3D printing partner in the CEE region, including Turkey and Israel, with the highest number of HP Jet Fusion industrial 3D printer installations.

Paarts Additive

To better understand the capabilities of 3D digital manufacturing, we also offer benchmark 3D printing and 3D scanning and part measurement. At our Paarts Additive 3D digital manufacturing reference facility, you can quickly check online production costs on industrial 3D printers, order the production of sample parts and compare mechanical properties with conventional manufacturing technologies.