3D printing and 3D scanning are still often perceived as tools for prototyping and simple production of products. Our aim is to showcase these innovative technologies as part of 3D digital manufacturing with partially or fully automated production of prototypes, jigs, but also for small batch or volume production of plastic and metal parts.

We are helping to introduce 3D digital manufacturing into companies. We see it as a technological environment integrating industrial 3D printers, high-precision 3D scanners, post-processing equipment, CAD software, information system, production quality measurement systems and of course a skilled workforce.

We have clients and partners in Central and Eastern European countries. We operate primarily in the Czech and Slovak Republics and Ukraine.

  • We present the best technologies in the industry and their application to your products

  • Advice on how to introduce industrial 3D printing and 3D scanning into existing production processes

  • We perform a cost-benefit analysis of additive technologies for the customer

  • We help with financing the purchase or operation of 3D printers, 3D scanners, post-processing technologies and software

  • We provide installation, service and training of additive technologies

the most successful partners
of Hewlett Packard in the field of 3D printing

In 2021, we were ranked as the most successful Hewlett Packard 3D printing partner in the CEE region, including Turkey and Israel, with the highest number of HP Jet Fusion industrial 3D printer installations.

Paarts Additive

To better understand the capabilities of 3D digital manufacturing, we also offer benchmark 3D printing and 3D scanning and part measurement. At our Paarts Additive 3D digital manufacturing reference facility, you can quickly check online production costs on industrial 3D printers, order the production of sample parts and compare mechanical properties with conventional manufacturing technologies.



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