VoxelJet technology offers a wide range of applications in a number of industries for prototyping and series production. Excellent for applications such as casting, art, architecture and design. VoxelJet 3D printers work on the principle of Powder Binder Jetting (sand and PMMA) and High Speed Sintering (plastic sintering).

Sand and PMMA printing have their primary application in the rapid production of molds and cores for the production of prototypes and small series of metal parts. But they also allows for printing of final products with applications in art and architecture.

Plastic printing offers efficient production of large parts and large series of plastic products.

3D tiskárny Voxeljet pro rychlou a levnou výrobu přesných forem a jader pro lití 3D printing for metal fabrication
fast and low-cost production of precision molds and cores for sand casting and precision casting in a unique range of sizes
3D tiskárny Voxeljet pro rychlou a levnou výrobu modelů staveb a doplňků 3D printing for industrial design, art, architecture
fast and low-cost production of model buildings, interior accessories, replicas of historical monuments, film masks, etc.
3D tiskárny Voxeljet pro rychlou výrobu velkých dílů či velkého počtu malých dílů 3D printing for serial production of plastic parts
rapid production of large parts or large numbers of small parts, a unique range of model sizes, detailed printing parameters

See the operation of Voxeljet Powder Binder Jetting and Voxeljet High Speed Sintering 3D printers