ZEISS and GOM 3D scanners

3D scanning is one of the most important parts of the 3D printing process, not only in terms of digitizing the object and obtaining a 3D model for 3D printing, but also in terms of accuracy control and quality monitoring of the output of digital production on 3D printers. At 3Dees Industries, we use cutting-edge scanning technology for both in-house 3D printing production control and external custom measurement. With many years of experience, we can advise our clients on the appropriate 3D scanning solution. We are partners with ZEISS, one of the pioneers in optics, optoelectronics and 3D scanning.

We have been working with ZEISS and GOM for a long time to increase our know-how in the field of 3D scanning, which we are happy to pass on to you. We work with mobile optical 3D scanners with excellent resolution and high accuracy. We use laser scanners when maximum mobility is required and scanning speed is preferred. For needs of extremely high scanning accuracy, we provide scanning of objects with 3D scanners in strip projection or CT scanning. Our portfolio also includes an optical 3D scanner that captures colour and texture in addition to shape.

3D skener ATOS Q je mobilní optický 3D skener s vysokou přesností 3D skener GOM ATOS Q
mobile optical 3D scanner with high accuracy and resolution for precise scanning of small and medium-sized objects
3D skener ZEISS T-SCAN je ruční laserový 3D skener se stacionární trackovací stanicí 3D skener ZEISS T-SCAN
handheld 3D laser scanner with stationary tracking station for accurate and fast measurement of large objects
ZEISS T-SCAN hawk je ruční plně mobilní laserový 3D skener s integrovanou fotogrammetrií 3D skener ZEISS T-SCAN hawk
handheld fully mobile 3D laser scanner with integrated photogrammetry for measurements on a wide range of scanned part sizes
GOM Scan 1 je mobilní a velmi kompaktní 3D skener využívající Stereo a Blue Light technologie GOM Scan 1 3D scanner
mobile and very compact 3D scanner using Stereo and Blue Light technology, an affordable solution for small and medium-sized objects
Náhled na pracovní obrazovky softwarového nástroje GOM Inspect Pro GOM Inspect Pro
fully parametric metrology software for Zeiss and GOM 3D scanners
modře zobrazený díl v software ZEISS Reverse Engineering ZEISS Reverse Engineering
tool for efficient processing of reverse engineering tasks

We also offer

3D Printers

With the help of 3D scanners, you can obtain data usable for 3D printing and inspection of 3D printed parts. 3D scanning is a key component of quality control when using industrial 3D printers for volume production of parts.

We will be happy to advise you on choosing a 3D printer according to your needs.


For working with GOM and ZEISS 3D scanners, the GOM Inspect Pro software covers the entire metrology process from scanning to PDF reports.

For reverse engineering, where you create a CAD model from a real part, there is the ZEISS Reverse Engineering software tool.

Both tools are designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.ce.


The GOM and ZEISS 3D scanners we offer are state-of-the-art devices with a wide range of metrological applications.

Part of our work is also to advice on the various options available for financing their purchase and possibly operation.

3D scanner accessories
We offer sublimation sprays, reference points and other professional accessories for 3D scanning. We test and use all the products we offer before including them in our store.