We scanned Petra Kvitova's Wimbledon plate



We scanned Petra Kvitova's Wimbledon plate from 2011. The trophy is currently in Fulnek in the hall of fame of our successful tennis player.

The plate was converted into a 3D model using an ATOS Q 12 M 3D scanner and in the future, it is planned to create a replica on a 3D printer.

The digitalisation of exhibits is a great way to bring visitors to museums and galleries as close as possible to the exhibits. One of Fulnek's plans is even to offer the experience to blind visitors. The 3D replica in the hall of fame will serve as a haptic aid!

Due to the surface of the plate, which is decorated with very detailed and delicate relief, the whole process was challenging and there were several obstacles to contend with. Are you wondering how to scan a trophy for a Wimbledon winner to make everything work? Read the new case study!